Susie Sims is the first person I call when I need hand-painting done in a client's home.  As an Interior Designer I need someone that I can depend on and who is very creative. I have worked with Susie for 10 years and she is a true artist, she comes up with the most clever ideas.  I can always trust that she understands what I'm trying to relay to her.  That's why when it came time I used Susie in my own home and I love my murals.  If you decide to ask Susie to paint in your home or office I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.  She will work with you and give you the end result that you envision.

Barbara Graham, Designs By Barbara

As the owner of Classic Images, a decorating firm in the South Bay, it's been a pleasure working with and referring Susie to my clients.  We have worked together on several projects for a number of years, and each experience has been rewarding.  Susie's work ethics are outstanding and her attention to detail is excellent.  Most importantly, her artistry and visionary skills are fresh and current.  I'd highly recommend Susie as an experienced artist with distinctive design concepts.

Faye Robertson, Classic Images


Susie Sims painted beautiful murals on the walls of our three little girls' rooms.  She painted them really nicely.  Each one was unique and different as our three daughters are.  It has been three years ago now and the rooms still look special.  Whenever people come over they always have to have a tour of our home and look at the girls' rooms.  There is never a lack of oohs and ahs.  We are very happy with her work and would highly recommend her.

Randal and Mary Colling

In a world where everything is automated, it is a wondrous pleasure to have works done by Susie Sims in our home; the smallest of accents can add a touch that is priceless.  It is said that pictures paint a thousand words and that said, how can anyone do her works justice with so few words that comprise a recommendation.  Susie's art flows as easily from her hands as a whisper from a loving mother's soothing voice or as naturally as a song bird in love.  She is truly a master artist.

Michael & Mariel Ganowsky

I have observed Susan L'Argent Sims art work in several different locations.  She is skilled at mural painting, and equally skilled at painting portraits.  She is able to transform a blank wall into whatever you want--a faraway landscape, a princess' castle, a warm, inviting beach, or a French sidewalk cafe scene.  I have seen her paint trompe l'oeil so well that people thought a niche with a vase full of flowers actually existed in a bathroom with a flat wall.  She paints human figures and faces exceptionally well. She has painted for me several times in houses in Virginia, Utah, and California.  I also observed her complete a commercial office set of murals in a Chicago chiropractic office.  Susie is easy to work with, versatile and creative, as well as a gifted and experienced artist.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her. 

Joyce Lowder

I hired Susie Sims to paint several murals in my home.  I was very pleased and impressed with her quality of work.  They turned out beautifully and still look brand new.  I would definitely recommend Susie to anyone looking to have any type of painting done.  I would definitely re-hire Susie to come back and paint for us again.  She is an amazing artist and very talented.  She does everything freehand.  It is extremely impressive.  We receive many positive comments from individuals visiting regarding the beauty of our murals. 

Debbie Munson, CA

Susie Sims is an amazing talent.  While I was the General Manager of the Alberhill Ranch Homebuilding Div. for Castle & Cooke Development, she was an integral part of our interior design and decorating team.  Her murals and artistic paint work generated a great deal of positive comments and interest in our Model Homes.  The quality of work set us apart from our competition.  My wife and I were so impressed that we brought her into our personal residence where she was created several artistic murals and interior finishes.  I am happy to recommend her services.

Ken Benson, Former VP/ General Manager. Castle & Cooke Development


Susie is a truly gifted and dependable professional.  She has done many rooms for our family and each one was incredible.  Each room transports you to exotic places from an island beach to the Jedi Temple.  The shading and attention to detail create a realistic painting similar to a fine artist's portrait.  When I showed pictures of the Star Wars mural in my son's room, people thought they were looking at actual movie photographs instead of wall paintings.  She is able to capture images form videos to sticker books and recreate them in a house.  I have had a sea with sailboats, a construction zone, a Hawaiian Island and all six episodes of Star Wars.  Each scene seamlessly transforms into the next, creating a detailed and realistic picture.  Susie's ability to paint on different surfaces allows walls, tables, or other accessories to complete the room and carry a theme throughout.

Gayle Cornejo

Susie painted my kitchen back-splash with a natural tile look.  She was amazingly fast, and it looks so real.  Her work even fooled my granite contractors.  Plus her attention to detail was perfect!

Donna C. from Colorado


Wow!  You've changed our world.

Lorri Galloway, The Eli Home, Inc.

*Note:  The Eli Home is a non-profit charity for abused children.

I recommend Susie Sims as a Mural Artist.  She has done quite a few murals in my home and each time I look at them I think what a talent Susie has.  She has done my wine cellar, bonus room, outside bathroom, laundry room, a specialty room we call the "Diner" and the staircase leading down to the Diner.   She's a professional from beginning to end. 

Donna Frize


We will enjoy Susie's big wave and surfer for years to come.  Her work is inspired with vibrant colors, and is very realistic.  She did exactly what I imagined.  She works very fast, and has amazing skill.  I love to watch her paint!  In fact, I have done just that!  I've seen her paint several murals and would enjoy watching more!  Susie, if you get bored, come paint my whole house with murals!

Nellie Asplund, Anaheim Hills, CA