Susie Sims' Art

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Trompe L''Oeil

Tell Susie what scene you see in your mind's eye outside your imaginary door or window --whether a favorite vacation spot, a fantasy land, or a beautiful landscape -- and she will bring it to life.


One Day or Less

Susie is well-known for producing quality, custom work in a day or less.  Her one-day murals reveal the consummate finesse of her professional skills.

Oceans and Beaches

cean breeze, smell the fresh air, see the palm trees waving, feel the sand between your toes, and let your eyes float over the ripples of Susie's ocean and water scenes.

Murals by Susie

A beautiful, custom wall or ceiling mural can soothe your senses, relax your spirit, and calm your soul from the stresses of daily life as you drink in memories of far-off places and exotic sights.


Children's Rooms

Let your child's imagination come to life through Susie's brushstrokes as they play in wonderland or sleep through dreams of happy places.

Nature and Landscapes

Bring the wilderness into your favorite room to remind you of the scent of pines, the sound of a rippling brook, and the feel of the cool, mountain breeze.


Susie captures the whole personality in one expression.  She paints the soul of the individual and presents an endearing image that will last for generations to come.


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