Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Begin?

Many of you have an idea for your mural from old photographs or pictures from postcards or magazines.  Some refine their ideas from this website that features a variety of murals and decorative artwork.  If you arenít sure, I will offer my suggestions for what would work best in your space. 

How Long To Complete?

Many clients are surprised to find what I can accomplish in one day or less.  More complicated projects may take longer.  See my link for work examples of one day or less. 

Can I Afford a Mural?

My fees start at $300 for local work without an in-home consultation. 

What about Technical Paintings or Ceiling or Wall Heights?

There is an increased cost for added, minute detail and technical aspects that extend completion time.  High areas above 10í height take longer and require scaffolding in place.  I suggest walls or surfaces to be in good, clean and prime condition before work begins.  Please use flat or eggshell paint to prep the surface.  This is will save time and expense.

Do you offer Consultations? 

I offer a 1- hour free consultation for larger projects, requiring more than a day.  Within this hour I will show you my portfolio, brainstorm ideas and concepts for your space and discuss deadlines and preferences.  If a client requests more time, I charge $65.00 an hour.  Once we agree upon a date, time and design on these larger projects, I require a 10% non refundable deposit.  If a client cancels, I will apply the deposit to a later date, if requested.  Some of you may want a sketch or rendering of the project before we begin, with revisions later if necessary.  I charge $150 in advance for this service.  That way, I can keep my fees reasonably low for the actual project and offer a better price still offering quality and speed.

Do you Paint on Canvas?

I offer the option to paint on a canvas and help to install on site, if you are in the local area. I will travel to other cities and states at the clientís request and in those cases I charge for travel and hotel.   I can also paint on canvas in my studio and ship it unframed to your location to reduce your expense.


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