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Susie E Sims


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Art has been a part of Susie Sims's life as far back as she can remember.  She earned her first art award in fourth grade, and it was then that she felt a desire to create new art with light, color and movement. 

She majored in art at school and went to study under several artists who inspired her to pursue her talents.  Later, she began teaching oil painting and studied under Ray Fullmer, a renowned portrait artist and student of the great Nicolai Fechin.  She is a founder of the Cypress Cultural Art Association.

Once she started her family, some of her art pursuits took a back seat.  It was during that time that she delved into a number of art milieus including doll sculptures, decorating, stage production and props but never gave up her love for portrait paintings.  She also taught art at her children’s schools and when they got older, she taught for Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana, California.

 She now realizes these life experiences of painting, drawing and self-discovery as an artist prepared her for something more wondrous and life-fulfilling as she discovered the creative world of wall murals some fifteen years ago.  It opened up new vistas where she could recreate what she sees and feels and use her God-given gift to bring joy and happiness to people. She feels it is a blessing to see the eyes of children light up as a blank canvas is brought to life with vibrant colors and movement.  She can bring a feeling of warmth to a foyer or great room with a spectacle of light and color.

To her delight, many of her murals live on as old clients move and new ones adopt them, giving her murals an illusion of immortality. She feels gratitude for the gift she is blessed to share with family, friends and clients.